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At CodeSquid we aren’t content to just pass on other people’s work. If you need a website, custom WordPress theme or marketing material, we take the time to make sure the product we produce is easy to find online, and looks great on every device size.

Our job is to help you take your manual processes and turn them into digital tools and websites that convert views into sales and add value for your clients in a moving, easy to understand way.


July 9, 2019

Why Bootstrap websites make me want to die!

Were you ever in one of those meetings, where ideas are flying and everyone is getting all excited about the prospects of a new project? Inevitably someone makes a suggestion that sounds way smarter than everyone else’s suggestion and everyone differs to the one with the crazy smarts in the room, riffing off their initial […]

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April 17, 2019

Location based marketing and the cult of celebrity.

Current digital marketing relies on recorded searches and past buying behaviour. It tries to anticipate the needs of the consumer by serving up ads based on all that experience – but it doesn’t take into account context, convenience or purchase priming. As a result, users are bombarded by ads, at all times, in hopes of […]

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