Initial Meeting

We ask a series of questions to figure out, not only what you want done, but the reasoning behind your motivations. Often times exploring your reasoning gives us succinct, workable insights into the strategies that will ultimately fulfill what you’re trying to achieve.

Rough Outlines and Sitemap

Once we get a good idea of the project, we will build a visual sitemap so we can all agree on the scope, and communicate the best structure for the information.

Wireframes and initial design thoughts

Instead of giving you a boring project brief, I’ll build out a functional prototype that goes over the key aspects of what we’re trying to build. This is a rudimentary wireframe, so not much design at this point, but it allows us to see at a glance what goes into each page, for elements and functionality

The Design

This is the part where we start breathing life into our wireframes. This encompasses your brand, and any neat interface elements you may want to explore to take your site to the next level.

The Delivery

At this point we’ll go off to our little secluded fortress to work. The process could take a few weeks so sit-tight. The reason for the silence is we really should have everything we need. We need to ensure the wireframes and designs are all 100% signed off before we begin this stage so we aren’t wasting our time or yours on content revisions when we’re trying to develop.

Find out if your project needs match our style of delivery.